Friday, September 5, 2008

Remember Me?????

Hi there! It feels like I have been away forever and a day. I have a ton of things to catch you up on!

First of all we had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. We spent in at home. Some friends took us out on Lake Michigan in their boat. Grace and Sam had a wonderful time and it just makes Dave and I want a boat even more. We spent the remainder of the days at the beach. It was very relaxing. Good thing we did not travel. The glass hatch on my Explorer came off. The whole thing came off, scared me half to death. Luckily I caught it and it did not shatter. What a mess that would of been.

We are officially back in school. Those of you who know me well, know I get a real bad case of the BooooooHoooos on the first day of school. Yes, this happened again this year. Yikes! Will I ever get over this?????? The good news is Grace and Sam LOVE school (yes, I know it is only the first week, but I will take it!) We have had no issues about getting up in the morning. It has been AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They come home from school chatting about how great the day went. I am thrilled! This makes dropping them off at school in the morning so much easier than last year. We had a lot of problems in first grade, it was such a big change for them and there were many struggles through the year. So, it has been such a relief to have them come home happy.

Your a comment and tell me how you survived the first day of school!

(By the way I forgot to post the winner of the In-color paper contest! The winner was Linda!
Linda please give me a call I have your Kiwi Kiss card stock.)

Take care! Have a great weekend! Go BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheryl O

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