Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

BOO! Happy Halloween to YOU! Today is the class Halloween Party. Grace is Minnie Mouse and Sam is Indiana Jones. They are very excited and it will probably be this way until Christmas.
Trick or Treating was Thursday night since SJ has a playoff game tonight. Let's Go BEARS!!!! We are going to the game and will be cheering the Bears on to victory!
Today's cards is one of my favs. It was very fun to put together. I made them for the kids teachers for Halloween. I usually send in Carmel Apples, but everyone is eating healthy and I thought this was a good substitution. I totally copied these cards from Dianne. I just used different paper and a different witch stamp. Dianne makes the most beautiful cards. Check out her gallery at SCS. It is awesome! I would post the link but I am unsure how to do that.

Thanks for looking & Happy Halloween!

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