Sunday, October 12, 2008


Wow another weekend went speeding through my life. I just cherish the weekends now that school started. Today we went to a corn maze. We has so much fun. I really forced us to spend time together. We were in the middle of all this corn and had to work as a family to get out. All of us enjoyed it. I was able to take some great pictures. I'll have to ask the kids if I can post them. Grace and Sam had an Internet safety assembly last year and it really made an impression on them. No way did they want me to post pictures of them on my blog.

We had our last soccer games for the season. CCD has started back up last week. This year Sam and Grace will be experiencing their First Communion. They are really looking forward to it and are a little nervous too. There is a lot to learn, I keep telling them everything will be fine.

Grace went to the Little Girl Cheerleading Clinic on Saturday! The girls were just adorable and did a fantastic job! I am really looking forward to Fridays game. For those of you who will be there, Grace will be on the North end of the field. The girls are cheering first quarter.

Dianne, I just can't believe that they could not sell popcorn until after the first half of the game. What was that about??? Was it to keep everyone from leaving. I have never heard of such a thing. Just think of all the money they lost.

The card above is one of the cards we will be making at the October Card Camp. I hope you can come. Be sure to call are e-mail me to reserve your place.

I hope you got to get outside and enjoy the wonderful weather we had this weekend.

Take care!

Cheryl O

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