Friday, January 23, 2009


The weekend is here! We will be at basketball most of the morning. I have an eye appointment in the afternoon. I ran myself out of contacts. Not a good thing to do.

This is a frame Grace made last week on her mini break from school.

Thanks for looking!

Hey, Heather it was nice to see a comment from you. Hope all is well have you and Adam taken Ami sledding yet???? I bet he loves the snow as long as the temps stay on the warmer side.


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Heather said...

Hey there Cheryl! Creative slump, too! Yes, I bundled him up (which he absolutely hated!) and took him in the backyard with the sled...he loved it!! I couldn't pull him fast enough and he was giggling the whole time! I'll have to post pics. Hope that slump goes away...I love those spring cards!