Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Remember Me??????

Anybody out there???? Remember me??? I had to contact blogger to get my password reset, because I could not remember what it was. It has been tooooooo long!
I never realized how many people checked out my blog until I stopped posting. You guys need to post comments, so I know!
Anyway...how were your holidays? We had a great time. We are now back in the swing of school, basketball, CCD. Grace and Sam would not admit they were ready to go back to school after the break, but I know they were. There were no complaints about getting up and going to school that first morning. Did you hear my sigh of relief on the first day??? LOL I miss having the home like crazy.
The pictures you see are of balls that were hung from our light fixtures during the holidays. I made a set of silver ones and copper ones. This was a craft that a neighbor taught us at our Thursday morning coffee. We made them out of Sugar Gum tree pods and tooth picks. This was a very easy project and great for kids to do.
Don't forget to order your Love You Much promo and start making those Valentines! I have an order going in on Thursday. Just call or e-mail me to place your order.
Have a great day!

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