Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good Morning! It's the weekend.

Sam has Biddy Bears this morning. He loves basketball. Good thing too. He has his Daddy's height. He is also a pretty good jumper. I never really thought about it but, jumping is an important thing when it comes to basketball.

Well, today's card is another card from the Wow Flower kit. I really enjoyed making these cards. I have been in, let's call it, a creative slump. (Also the reason I have not scheduled my next card camp.) These kits have made it easy for me to still feel creative while in this slump. They also have give me some new layout ideas. So hopefully my "slump" is ending.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend & thanks for taking a moment to visit my blog.

Cheryl O

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cheryl,
It is good to see your nice cheerful cards! I have been in a 'slump', too, since Christmas.
Hopefully, your beautiful cards will get me moving again. You do such good work.

Thanks, Ruth